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Practicefirst would like to notify its clients of the following ICD updates from CMS.

ICD-10 MS-DRGs Version 39.1 Effective April 1, 2022

In response to the ongoing national emergency concerning COVID-19, the Centers for Disease

Control and Prevention’s (CDC) National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) is implementing 3

new diagnosis codes, Z28.310, Z28.311 and Z28.39, into the International Classification of

Diseases, Tenth Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM), for reporting COVID-19 vaccination

status effective April 1, 2022.

The ICD-10 MS-DRG Grouper assigns each case into an MS-DRG based on the reported

diagnosis and procedure codes and demographic information (age, sex, and discharge status).

The ICD-10 MCE Version 39.1 uses edits for the ICD-10 codes reported to validate correct

coding on claims for discharges on or after April 1, 2022.

The ICD-10 MS-DRG Grouper software package to accommodate these new codes, Version

39.1, is effective for discharges on or after April 1, 2022.

Assignment of new ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes Z28.310, Z28.311 and Z28.39, is as follows:

Diagnosis Code Description

Z28.310 Unvaccinated for COVID-19

Z28.311 Partially vaccinated for COVID-19

Z28.39 Other underimmunization status

The ICD-10 MS-DRG V39.1 Grouper Software, Definitions Manual Table of Contents and the

Definitions of Medicare Code Edits V39.1 manual will be available at


The Index and Tabular Addenda for new diagnosis codes Z28.310, Z28.311, and Z28.39 will be

available via the CDC website at: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/icd/icd10cm.ht



For Coding questions, please contact our Coding Managers, Vidya Baliga at vidyab@pracfirst.com and Kelly Cole at kellyc@pracfirst.com or at 716-389-3262.

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