• Tammy Bartlett

Medicaid – NYS Vaccine Program

NYS Medicaid has alerted Practicefirst that all providers who participate in the NYS Vaccine Program are required to complete an annual re-enrollment application. Beginning this year, re-enrollment is being done electronically using the NYS Immunization Information System (NYSIIS). Each participating provider organization is responsible for reviewing and updating the Provider Agreement, Provider Profile, and Storage and Handling forms. Information will pre-populate with existing information on record for the practice.

The re-enrollment feature in NYSIIS is only available to providers actively enrolled in the NYS Vaccine Program. To re-enroll, providers must login to NYSIIS and navigate to the Vaccine Program Re-enrollment menu on the blue banner on the left side of the page. There are tools available throughout the process to assist providers with any questions. Providers can also utilize the help “lightbulb” at the end of the blue banner on the top of each screen for clarification of each element of the application. Providers who need assistance, or would like more information on eligibility, program requirements, and enrollment in the NYS Vaccine Program to provide free public vaccine to eligible children and adults, should contact the Vaccine Program at (800)543-7468 or via email at: nyvfc@health.ny.gov.


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