• Thomas Maher

Diversity: Taking Action

In our organization, community and world, we are experiencing historic, interesting and unforgettable events that we believe will be catalysts for systemic change. Diversity is one of those subjects that is at the forefront of our concerns.

Practicefirst’s employee manual, of course, recognizes and supports diversity in our hiring practices and the workplace; however, we feel that we need to take an additional step. After research and discussion with respected community leaders, we have decided to support the National Federation for Just Communities of WNY, Inc. (NFJC)

NFJC is dedicated to overcoming racism, bias and bigotry.

NFJC targeted two Buffalo Charter Schools in which to implement training for educators and staff and create an open dialogue on what can be a “lightning rod” topic. These schools were chosen because the staff and students are from very different backgrounds, and this training is designed to promote greater understanding and compassion for the students.

Practicefirst donation of $2,000 will allow 10 facilitators to provide training sessions in the schools.

We believe these conversations and training will be beneficial—and at least a first step—in NFJC and Practicefirst accomplishing our missions.

Thank you to all Practicefirst employees and clients who make our company a great workplace through tolerance and understanding of all people, and our continued work to improve ourselves and our community.

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