• Amy DeMonte

Efficient Credentialing

Credentialing a new provider can be a tedious and slow process.

Here are a few tips from Practicefirst to help the process flow more efficiently:

  • Start early: Have all paperwork and documents ready to go as early as possible, rather than waiting until 2-3 months before the start date. Some payers can take up to 120 days to complete the process.

  • “Incent” new providers: Slow credentialing may impact the practice’s finances, not the incoming provider who is likely guaranteed a salary. Consider linking a provider’s start date to his credentialing paperwork submission – “the provider’s start date will be no sooner than 90 days following complete and accurate submission of all documents and applications needed to be credentialed”.

  • Be proactive: Get to know the credentialing folks and notify them when you submit an application. Check in once a week or every other week to make sure everything needed has been provided.

  • Delays within the details: 3 out of 4 applications submitted to payers are often delayed due to errors or omissions. Until those issues are addressed, the file sits. It’s very important all fields are filled out properly and reviewed for mistakes prior to submitting.

For Credentialing questions or concerns, please contact Amy DeMonte, Credentialing Manager, at 716-389-3219 or credentialing@pracfirst.com.

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