• Megan Henderson

What’s new at Practicefirst?

You may have noticed we have recently had an update to our website. Please visit our website to see what other services we offer and learn more about our managers. If you’re a client that accesses reports through the webpage, your log in information has remained the same.

With the upgrade to our webpage, we are now able to accept online patient credit card payments. If you would like to begin accepting credit cards from your patients, or if you would like Practicefirst to offer an online payment option, please contact Megan Henderson, Controller at 716.389.3226 or Meganh@pracfirst.com to get setup!

We also have the ability to process our client’s monthly invoices via ACH withdrawal. If you are a current PF client and are interested in auto pay for your monthly invoice, please contact Megan. Her contact information is above.

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