• Tammy Bartlett

Health Republic Liquidation Proceeding

As you recall, Health Republic is in the process of a liquidation proceeding. Providers and members have recently begun to receive Explanation of Benefits (EOB’s) as Health Republic begins to process outstanding claims. Some of these claims reflect 2015 service dates and are indicating patient responsibilities for deductibles and co-payment amounts. Health Republic has not issued payments for their portion.

Based on information available to date, any funds available will be applied first to administrative expenses incurred from the liquidation process and then to a portion of the claims submitted by providers and members. Under the NYS Insurance Law, administrative expenses and policy claims must be paid in full before any other claimants may receive distributions.

It is our intention to process these EOB’s and balance bill the patient for their responsibility. If you would prefer that we do not balance bill your patients, please contact us ASAP.

For Billing questions, please contact Tammy Bartlett at 716-389-3223 or tammyb@pracfirst.com

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